The Taken Series by S F Hopkins

A new series for women that men should also read

These are the covers of the four books from the Taken Series published for Kindle in May 2018.

No one is going to be surprised at how I feel about rape if they have read this story or this post. It’s a cause of sorrow to me that so many men persist in believing that “they want it really” or, if they don’t actually believe that, that men want it and that what they want should take precedence.

Sexual intimacy is how we express affection and love for another human being. Or, at least, it certainly should be. Too often, it is the result of violence either threatened or actual. In all four of these books we see how wonderful sexual love can be when it happens between two people who care for each other and would not hurt each other. We also see some much less attractive aspects of sex.

Taken by S F Hopkins


Taken, the first book, shows what happens to Bella when three lowlifes invade her home. The fact that there is no violence (unless you count brandishing a knife as violence which, personally, I do) and that Bella, realising that she has no alternative, takes off her own clothes and submits does not – as the men involved appear to believe – mean that she is consenting to sex.


The Seducer Seduced by S F Hopkins


In the second book, The Seducer Seduced, a wealthy Englishman in the 1760s sets out to use his power over a defenceless woman but is brought to see the error of his ways. Is this chance or is it the result of a woman who, on the face of it, has no power at all using her wiles to defeat him? You decide.


Book 3 is Diana and there is as yet no link for this as it is currently in review by Amazon. I’ll update this Diana by S F Hopkinswith a link as soon as one is available; in the meantime, I would say only that Diana, outraged by the behaviour of a crude neighbour, sets out to find her own satisfaction and succeeds beyond her wildest dreams.




And Book 4 is The Dream, which I have described on this blog before.

I hope you enjoy them all and I look forward to hearing your comments about them.