Two new audiobooks

2 SFH books

I have two of my books newly out in audiobook format and I’m so excited. The books are somewhat different in style and content.

Lovers in Their Fashion is – according to my editor at Mandrill Press – deliciously romantic, delightfully amusing and explicitly sexual. Ooh 🙂

The brilliant narrator Missy Cambridge certainly brings out the humor in this extract, when Merrill is describing what she loves about her new man, Bolivian Tony Frejus – and, in particular, which bit of him she likes most (oolalaa)

Find the book on Audible here in the USA and here for the UK.

The Transformation of David is somewhat different because: it’s a gender swap story (but with a twist); it’s shorter than Lovers in Their Fashion, which is a full length romance; and it’s a lot more outspoken, sexually speaking. You can find a snatch (yes, yes, I know and it’s appalling but I just couldn’t resist the pun) here. 

The book itself is on Audible here in the USA and here for the UK.

Free erotic audiobooks

2 SFH books

I’m so excited! Two of my books have been turned into audiobooks and I expect both of them to be available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes in lots of time for Christmas.

The Transformation of David is one of the sexiest books I’ve written – and it’s nice and short. Listen to the sampler here. Because Audible won’t let us, we haven’t included anything in any way naughty in that snippet – but now listen to this extract. You get the feeling? It’s erotic, it’s transgender – it’s sexy as hell. The narrator is the very talented Audrey Lusk and – believe me – she does it justice.

Lovers in Their Fashion is a different beast entirely. It’s a full length novel (you can read more about it here) and the accent is not on erotica but on the romance. That’s what it is – a contemporary romance. But, I suppose because I wrote it, there’s sex there. Quite a lot of sex. I didn’t hesitate to describe it and the wonderful narrator Missy Cambridge didn’t hesitate to speak the words just as I meant them to be spoken. Not sure what I mean? Well, here’s a sweet little extract that will show you.

I expect both of these audiobooks to be available for download before the end of November, though the actual date is in the hands of ACX, the company that handles the conversion. I’m giving away Audible download coupons FREE to the first 20 people who subscribe to my mailing list using this form:

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