Wrong Target!

A headline in The Guardian today says: All four men found guilty in Delhi gang-rape trial.
We must hope they got the right four men; but the part of the story that caught my attention was this: The victim’s father, Badrinath Singh, told the Guardian he wanted the case to set an example to other women in India, where there has been a wave of sexual violence in recent years.
He wants it to set an example to women? It’s men who need to take note! Men who think it’s all right to have sex with a woman without her consent. Men who think “She wants it really”; or who simply don’t care what she wants or thinks, so long as their needs are satisfied.
There has been a lot of discussion in the Press worldwide about the number of Indian women who are raped. Listen up, fellas: This is not just an Indian problem. Women are being raped all over the world, and it isn’t by setting an example for women that this will come to an end. It’s men who carry out rapes, and men who have to stop.

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