Gotta Find a Home by Dennis Cardiff

Gotta Find a Home Cover

I’ve been subscribed to the Gotta Find a Home blog for a long time, so I was a shoo-in to buy the book when it was published. I can’t fault it. Dennis Cardiff has taken the trouble to spend a little time with, and get to know, a bunch of people most of us hurry past with head averted. He’s no bleeding-heart, liberal do-gooder—Dennis tells it how it is; and how it is is that those people who haven’t made it in Society’s competitive rough and tumble are—surprise!—human beings just like you and me. They have the ambitions, the disappointments, the loves and hates that we all have. As Dennis Cardiff teases out the life stories of his subjects, he lays bare before us a group of people who deserve his attention. And mine. And yours.

You can find the book here.

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