We’re getting addresses!

In common with most Middle Eastern countries, Abu Dhabi doesn’t have street addresses. That can be a bugger when you want someone to courier something to you from Europe or The States–DHL and their like hate it when they’re asked to deliver something and the only address you can offer is something like “Fourth Floor, The Abdul ben Jaffar Building, opposite the Bin Khaled Mall on the corner with the airport road”. It makes perfect sense to us and if the courier asked their local representative they’d find it makes perfect sense to them–but they don’t do that and they refuse to collect, so we’re reduced to inventing an address. As long as we make sure our phone number is on the package, everything proceeds without difficulty.
But now we’re going to have “proper” addresses, just like downtown (Toronto). Not till the year after next–but we’ll have them.
Maybe DHL will stop looking down their noses at us then.

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